Awakening The Light Body 

This workshop is designed to activate and cleanse all parts of you on all levels of your existence, allowing you to create dipper connection with yourself and gain understanding of your life journey. Release you from all karmic ties and negative cords from this or any other lifetimes. Release any souls contracts, agreement and vows that you may have made in this or any other life. Enable you you to connect clearly with your guides.

During this workshop you will :

  •  Experience Feeling Body Meditation

  •  Meet With Your Healing Angels

  •  Clear Karmic Ties & Negative Cords

  •  Activate The Triple Grid Of Your Body System

  •  Cleanse Chakras

  •  Remove disharmony, anger, worry and frustration

  •  Connect With Spirit

It is a powerful activation with the help of Healing Masters and Angels. If you are ready for this beautiful journey and to step into to your light then this is for you.

Your Investment 


Link to a zoom workshop will be send via email 

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