Conscious Alignment 

We are all powerful beings that chooses experiences to learn and grow.

Some of those choices are conscious some unconscious. Whenever you realise that or not you are always making decisions about the way you feel or perceive the world around you. 


We are here on this Earth not to suffer ,but to thrive and embrace our full potential. However we often get attached to people ,family ,friends and their opinions. Afraid of judgment, resentment and criticism and therefore we are not living our life to the fullest.


What if you could truly become who you want to be and become the best version of yourself?

What if you knew that this is possible…? What if you could step out of fear and step into freedom of choice with ease and grace? 


This 4 weeks online course it’s a journey through self discovery during which you will learn practical techniques that will allow you to understand yourself on a deeper level of awareness and you will be guided every step of the way… 


What will you learn 



Week One


  • Guided meditation & Energy clearing from the year 2020 

  • Why you should protect your energy and how to stay in your sovereignty and why it is important 

  • How to protect your energy using your own I am source love light energy force field 

  • How to use Bell protection 



Week Two


  • Meditation / Use chosen protection technique 

  • What are self limiting beliefs, and how they are created

  • Understand how self limiting beliefs can block you from achieving what you want to create in you life

  • How to test for self limiting beliefs using muscle testing technique 

  • Guided meditation & clearing 



Week Three


  • Meditation / Use chosen protection technique

  • What is manifestation

  • What is blocking you from manifesting your heart desires 

  • How to write your manifestation 

  • Guided meditation & clearing 



Week Four


  • Meditation / Use chosen protection technique 

  • How to clear your home of stagnant or negative energies 

  • Activating abundance in your home/ Guided meditation using visualisation technique 

  • Creating your sacred space with crystal grid

Time : 10:00am - 11:30am

All session will be streamed and recorded via Zoom

Additional informations will be sent each week

Your Investment 


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