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Interior Alignment

Interior Alignment concepts can be used to design and create spaces with intention, as well as quantum energy technique, so you can flow, bloom and begin to awaken to the world. Like with meditation, Feng Shui is about cultivating mindfulness of your environment. It encourages you to slow down and pay attention to all the everyday mundane details in your life and spaces. Using Bagua energy map and the principle of five elements we can create the perfect space for you, your family and work space, and even help you to sell or buy a home. 

The modern Feng Shui principles originated from China. However in ancient times Feng Shui was successfully practiced in India, Egypt and South America. Back to the days we believe that it was a secret practice used only by Feng Shui masters to help building palaces and imperials and it was restricted to those in power and not general public. The concept is based on Yin & Yang, the five elements and the triagrams, used along with traditional healing (acupuncture), philosophy, astrology and common sense. It is not a religion; it is spiritual practice that has his roots in Taoist beliefs.

What Feng Shui can do for you

What you need to know is that in Feng Shui we not only work with a specific energy in your home, but as well the energy of people living in that space. There is many aspects in our environment that can affect the way we feel and unbalanced energy have impact on our family life, often causing upset, arguments, unhappiness, continuous problems, bickering and also health issues. Once you appreciate the principles of Feng Shui you begin to understand how it can improve your life. The goal is to create more harmonious place to live, bring happiness and joy. Feng Shui can improve your health, mood, creativity, career, ability to manage your business and finances as well as help with relationships witch is the most common area worked in consultations. By taking control of the way energy around you mixes with your own energy we can enhance different aspects in your life. But keep in mind that Feng Shui is not a magic force, and that suddenly you will become rich or famous. Feng Shui cannot help you with events that are outside your control. It works with what is already there and what we can improve.

Qi Energy


Qi energy is invisible, it is electromagnetic energy that circulates everywhere and is in everything. Positive energy is called Sheng Qi. Negative energy is called Sha Qi In our homes, Qi enter through the front door, moving through the home and exiting through the windows. To have a beneficial effect on all people leaving in a house, the energy needs to be positive. However this is not always the case. There are many aspects that can disrupt this flow and create the negative Sha Qi. One of them can be unfortunately the surrounding environment, home layout, sharp corner, clutter an especially the one witch was there for long time. All those can create sluggish and lethargic atmosphere, and make people feel depressed. We can put cures working with Feng Shui and make your home much better, pleasant place to live.


Your personal energy

By understanding your personal energy you can start to feel more in tune with yourself and improve your life. Finding the good directions for you to sleep, spend time or work can be a big improvement. We can do all that by finding out trough numerology, your date of birth as well as the hour of birth. We find out the good and the bad direction for you, your good and bad elements from the five elements in Feng Shui and how we can balance them.

What Happens During Consultation

Before having consultation in your home it is recommended to clean the clutter. Everything we don't use or wear or keep just in case one day it may be useful is considered as clutter. In fact anything we don't use for over 18 month should be thrown away... Keeping unnecessary items will only keep you tied to the past, and it will not let you progress in life. So clearing first...


The next step would be gathering all the information about people living in your space as well as floor plan of your home and the building time (you can ask your local council for the building date)

The facing direction of your home if possible, however professional compass reading will be taken on side. 

At last, but also important the reason for Interior consultation and what you expect from this experience, is it to enhance wealth, help with health issues, relationship, finding a new home.

 Interior Alignment ste

  • Quantum Energy clearing of your home

  • Bespoke mediation technique for clearing energy

  • ​Professional compass reading

  • Feng Shui consultation of your home/office & garden

  • Full Feng Shui written report 

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