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Connect To Grandmother Moon

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Today on the 8th of November 2022 we are under a Full moon and Lunar Eclipse energy.

Our Grandmother Moon, represents the feminine aspect of this energy. She is ever so beautiful and strong as she is shifting her energy to another level. And she is helping us to take the opportunity to do the same. You may have noticed how her appearance have been changing over the past few month. She is shining bright on all her children… Today she’s asking you to notice her beauty , today she wants you to step into her light under the stars ⭐️… Today it’s time to let go of the old , to complete old souls contracts and agreements and move on to new vibration. Whatever you need to complete or let go of at this time set an intention to do so… Let old stories go ,so you can embrace the shift and stay on the most positive timeline… Be in the moment and trust her guidance… Practice letter burning, simply by writing all your thought and stories on a piece of paper. If you are ready to let go, forgive or change the way you flow with life simply transfer it to a blank paper... And may this be your new start, a new beginning as you complete this little ritual under the Light of Grandmother Moon... Burn the letter with Fire and let it all go...

You will set yourself free and open new doors.

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