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Angelic Reiki for Kids

Angelic Reiki For Kids
Saturday 18th February

It’s easy to learn and simple to use

Teaching children is all about playing with" the energy" and how they can use it in their everyday lives. It's a wonderful way of helping them to balance their emotions, anger, frustration, overcome shyness find their self-esteem and to help them believe that they can achieve their goals and dreams. 

Children are very receptive to Reiki ,they have a natural ability to absorb the energy and can easily feel it flowing through they whole body. The reason for that is they have been not yet exposed to many traumas ,limiting beliefs and emotional issues in their lives. This beautiful technique flows from the palms of a hands to the bottom of the feet leaving children nice and relaxed. 

Healing sessions for children are usually shorter and last up to 20 min 


Benefits of Angelic Reiki for children


  • Reliefs stress and tension ( great before exams and tests )

  • Calms the mind

  • Bring about relaxation 

  • Balance emotions

  • Helps with anger or frustration 

  • Helps with behaviour problems 

  • Increases confidence

  • Helps overcome shyness 

  • Reliefs pain  

  • Aids with sleep patterns


Angelic Reiki Workshop


Children will learn through this course: 

  • What is Healing

  • What is Reiki 

  • What are Angels

  • Who are guardian Angels


Children will have the chance to talk about Angels and what they think their are before they learn about

 Guardian Angels 

We will learn about their 

  • Characteristics 

  • Colours 

  • Special abilities (powers)


Children will be engaging in a fun guessing game about Angels that involves pictures of  9 Guardian Angels that they learnt about. 

They will also draw their own picture of Guardian Angel in their manual that will be given to them at the beginning of the workshop.


Children will learn about chakras "Energy Centres" and how to use energy around them and within them

  • What are energy centres 

  • The different energy centres 

  • How to use Love/Light protection bubble

  • How to do healing


The attunement 

Each child and their parent/adult will receive an attunement to Angelic Reiki 

We will be doing a 5-10 min of a meditation to clear the mind which involves the Reiki Symbols  


After the attunement we will go trough the process of healing and how to do healing using simple method of intention.

We will practice self healing and healing on others . Children and parents will have the opportunity to practice healings on each other and also experience self healing technique. 

We will share our experience after the session swaps

( Reiki maybe also used on animals and plants ,something that you can practice at home ) 



During the class we will have few short breaks - time for snacks and a little rest.

We will have a 30 min lunch break ( please bring your own and your child healthy lunch )

Please be aware that meat/animal products isn’t recommended when learning healing 



The venue is warm and comfortable, however you might wish to bring some layers, as you ( if not your children! ) can feel cool sometimes when there is a healing energy.

Slippers, a favourite cushion, cuddly toy and blanket can also be brought along.

If your children wish to dress up too, by all means they are welcome to! 


Manual & crystals 

Each child will receive a manual, certificate and angel crystal to take home. 


Time & Investment 

Time : 10:30am - 2:00pm ( approximately )

The investment : One child + One adult £65

Workshop is suitable for children age 5-10 

Angelic Reiki For Children: Treatments
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