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Chakra Alignment & Clearing

The word Chakra literally translates as "wheel" or "disk" and refers to a spinning sphere within the human energetic body.

There are seven main chakra centres that are stacked in a column of energy, starting from the base of the spine all the way to the top of the head. There are also minor chakras in the hands, feet, fingertips and shoulders and many more on a multidimensional level. Each chakra is associated with a colour, function, organ and state of consciousness that one holds within. While they cannot be seen with a naked eye, they can be felt as a manifestation of patterns and feelings in the physical body and in our lives. When chakras remain healthy and vibrant we experience positive flow of energy ( Chi energy ) we then feel in balance on a physical and mental level. However when the free flow of our energy becomes blocked, we may experience physical conditions manifesting itself, and if not dealt with can become an illness. The development stages of chakras begin at the age of 0-12month until our adult life holding information about our experiences throughout life. 

There are many ways to support healthy chakra system, eating specific foods, meditation, practicing yoga, energy healing and most important recognising repeating patterns. 


Chakra Alignment & Clearing through vibration ( light language ) its a deep clearing for the mind, body and soul. It help remove negative energy from the body and travels deep within the DNA level. The session begins with guided meditation to make sure you are feeling save, supported and completely relaxed. You may still be aware of the surroundings or you may follow a sleep which is very common and simply means that you are ready to let go of what holding you back. 

During your session the practitioner focuses on each chakra and sends out sound vibration through they voice channelling specific informations that are beneficial for the receiver. While you may not understand the spoken words your subtle body recognise and support the dimensional frequencies on a profound level. Light Language is a powerful sacred gift that gives purposeful expression of unconditional love. Each session is truly unique and corresponds to once needs. As the sounds takes you on a beautiful journey through chakras you may receive visions, messages or feel physical sensations in the body. Stay open minded and leave expectations out the door.  We recommend that you drink plenty of water beforehand to make sure that you stay hydrated. After the session you will spend some time to exchange your experiences with the practitioner.

It will give you the opportunity to ask question and get some guidance for your continues growth.