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Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 London

Angelic Reiki Level 1&2
27th-28th July 

This is an exceptional two-day workshop that will take you on a profound journey into the healing power of Angels. This practitioner-level course teaches you how to use this healing technique on yourself and others while connecting with the peace, calm, and love of the Angels. Reiki is the "Universal Life Force Energy," and Usui Reiki is a healing system named after Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese doctor who discovered it over 100 years ago. The Reiki symbols act as gateways to energy frequencies, and when we are attuned to them, we can channel those energy frequencies through us. Angelic Reiki is one of the newer forms of Reiki that emerged in the last fifteen years, and it uses the same Reiki symbols as Usui Reiki. However, Angelic Reiki carries additional Angelic frequencies of energy that enable us to connect with a higher and broader frequency of energy than we could when Dr Usui first channelled Reiki.

During the workshop, you will experience deep meditation with the Angels, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, learn about the nature of Angels and how to connect with them, release cords and karmic ties that can be holding you back, experience deep energetic and emotional cleansing, receive a soul retrieval healing, experience DNA clearing and activation, receive attunements that connect you to Reiki symbols, learn practical ways of channelling hands-on healing for yourself, others, children, animals, nature, and food, practice healing on yourself and others, develop your skills as a healing practitioner, learn how to attune tools to Angelic Reiki, including cards and crystals, and awaken more of your intuitive senses.


At the end of the workshop, you will receive a manual and a certificate that will enable you to obtain insurance to practice as an Angelic Reiki practitioner. The workshop will be overseen by the Angelic Realm throughout, and you will have an incredible opportunity to tap into the healing power of Angels.

Your Investment

£300, including all course materials and a lovely vegan lunch 

Location, Dates  & Times

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July 2024

Times: 10:30 - 18:30 daily

Location: London Se12, Grove Park

Full location will be sent after the booking is completed

How to Book

To enrol, go to Book Now and choose the payment option that suits you. We accept Visa, Credit Card  PayPal , Klarna and Clearpay payments.

For training in July is 22nd July

Refunds cannot be given for cancellations made less than 2 weeks before the course.

If you have any questions please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you. 



I attended this beautiful angelic reiki course with Paulina and it was such a delight.
Paulina (and the angels) welcomed me into her workshop to learn and practice angelic reiki in a comfortable environment where I felt at home and safe.
I was greeted with open arms and fed generously during the day with a beautiful vegan breakfast, lots of herbal tea and water, a wonderful filling vegan lunch and more herbal tea and plenty of water.

The space is very warm and spiritual and it was a great pleasure to attend this workshop and be initiated into the angelic kingdom.
I had amazing experiences with the Angels and the group, and we done a lot of healing and having the healing done to us.
After leaving the workshop I felt confident in healing others using the techniques taught to us by Paulina.

If you have a calling to become an angelic reiki healer or even to progress down your spiritual path with the angels, I would highly reccomend this workshop.
I have met great souls with which I am confident I will keep in contact with long after the workshop has finished.

Jonathan Lawson

I recently completed my Angelic Reiki 1+2 training with Paulina which was amazing! Paulina was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so thankful we were introduced, I can't imagine being held in such a safe and supportive space by anyone else. Paulina's teachings were clear and informative and delivered with genuine passion. Both Paulina and Tawa opened up their home to us for the weekend and I couldn't have felt more welcomed - they are wonderful people and I look forward to working with/learning more from them both in the future. Thank you again Unity Healing 🙏🏽✨️💗

Lauren Smith

I felt instantly at ease with Paulina and Tawa. Such a lovely genuine couple.

They welcomed me into their home and took such good care of me, whilst on the Angelic Reiki course.

We shared beautiful food, and they were such lovely company.

The course itself was truly amazing, inspiring and very informative.

Paulina is so knowledgeable and spent lots of time answering my many questions. She is so supportive and understanding.

It was so refreshing to find a teacher that was so open and giving on every level.

I will definitely be back for further training in the future, and cannot recommend Unity Healing highly enough.

Many thanks


Angie Clark

I had such a great insightful experience with Paulina during my Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 level course. It was so inspirational and I do look forward to using this magical healing within my next steps on my spiritual journey. The course was deeply explained with a joyous energy and we was able to express our authenticity with an open heart. I would highly recommend this to any souls who are looking to find a deeper connection within and those who want to spread light and love to the universe.

Nicomede Talavera

I met Paulina and Tawa at an event they held one evening and felt a connection to them both, which led me to follow my intuition and reach out to them to discover what else Unity Healing offered. I started off with investing in my healing journey by having a RAAH session with Paulina and it left such an impression on me that I felt guided to follow up with doing the Angelic Reiki courses with her. Paulina’s teaching style is unique and special - I am always grateful for this. Even after weeks and months have passed by, if I have a follow up question, Paulina is incredibly helpful and really goes the distance to show her support. Both Paulina and Tawa are very knowledgeable about the spiritual realm and are a pleasure to be around. The conversation and treats are also one of my highlights. The entire package they offer is not to be missed. Truly valuable x

Alia Malik

Angelic Reiki Practitioner Level 1&2: Treatments
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