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11/11/22 Portal , Awaken Your Intuition

Throughout the year we have experience many shifts in energy. Dates like today the 11/11 opens a portal to new upgrades. Number 11 is the most powerful number as it is directly linked to our intuition and the subconscious mind. We receive these powerful upgrades through our third eye. If you are open you may feel this sensations physically, you may feel your third eye vibrating or pulsating between your eyebrows. Focus your intentions to be shown whatever you must see at this time. This may come to you in a form of vision, feeling or just knowing. However it comes it will make sense to you.

Trust yourself...

In that particular time it is important to look after yourself and pay attention to how you feel and interact with the world around you. Write down your dreams as your guides and angels will try to connect with you during sleep time. Practice meditation, yoga, go within, ground in a forest and replenish with Mother Earth. All this practices will uplift your energy and your spirit, so you can receive the Light Codes that are coming through this portal. Allow this beautiful energies to come in and support your journey.

Be in a moment without judgment or fear...

Don't forget that we have recently experience the full moon, and lunar eclipse and you may still be under the influence of these powerful energies. You may feel particularly tired at this time, be gentle on yourself , nurture yourself with good plant based food that will make you feel lighter. You are evolving, it is time to let go of old stories and karmic ties, so you can step into your full potential and shine your light to the world.

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