Vibrational Therapy
Light Language

Light Language healing works through vibrational transfer at the physical and subtle energetic body levels. Light is a quantum carrier vehicle of information, it contains the codes of creation utilising the observer/receiver to activate the information within it. 

It is higher dimensional frequencies that ‘speak’ through practitioner directly to your DNA and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you on profound and practical levels. While your mind may not understand the ‘words,’ your subtle bodies understand the support and healing that the Language of Light offers.

Geometry is the foundational structure for art, science, music, and architecture. Its images, codes, and shapes are found in DNA, crystals, atoms, mandalas, hieroglyphs, and pyramids. The language of light is a sacred geometry produced by vibration. Light Language is a powerful sacred gift that gives purposeful expression of love from Creator.

In an altered state of consciousness or in your dreams, you may be able to see the geometric symbols contained in all of creation. Light language allows us to pick up information from realms beyond what is commonly accessed. Therefore, it is a beneficial ascension tool that allows us to interact with our guidance team, nature, animals, and one another on a deep soul level. 

Benefits of Vibrational Therapy :

  • Bypass the mental mind

  • Activate DNA and the pineal gland

  • Release energetic blockages

  • Access your innate wisdom

  • Emotional, physical, mental healing

  • Initiate Ascension

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