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Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy


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Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) is a beautiful quantum hypnosis modality, that allows for a powerful healing through the connection to your higher self. It has been uniquely designed to include intensive sacred energy work to heal the mind, body and soul and to unable you to travel back and forth in time to discover your past and sometimes future lives.

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Chakra Alignment & Clearing

Vibrational Healing

In-Person or Online

Awaken and align your body through chakras.
Experience powerful elemental healing that will shift your energy in a way that you can

feel lighter more balanced and in  tune with yourself on all levels. 

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I recently had an A.U.R.A session with Paulina and I must say it was very impressive. Let me explain, 10 years ago I had an operation on my right knee due to a football injury. Since then it become really fragile and felt painful when challenged with exercises. On the day of the session it was really giving me trouble. During the 4 hours we have revisit some of my past life experiences and I understood the reason why my higher self took me there. At the end of my session I had no longer any pain which I found amazing. Paulina had remove the energetic blockage that was causing the issue for such a long time. Amazing... Few day later still feels great and I have challenged myself to an exercises that I have not done for quite a while. Hopefully it will last for good. 

Thank you so much!!!

Angelic Reiki For Kids

Teaching children is all about playing with" the energy" and how they can use it in their everyday lives. It's a wonderful way of helping them to balance their emotions, anger, frustration, overcome shyness find their self-esteem and to help them believe that they can achieve their goals and dreams. 

Children are very receptive to Reiki ,they have a natural ability to absorb the energy and can easily feel it flowing through they whole body. The reason for that is they have been not yet exposed to many traumas ,limiting beliefs and emotional issues in their lives. This beautiful technique flows from the palms of  hands to the bottom of the feet leaving children nice and relaxed. 

Suitable for age 5-10 

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