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Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy



Recorded Session

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy healing is a quantum hypnosis modality that helps you discover the origins of your soul.  By establishing connection with your higher self ,we are able to travel into your past life and sometimes even future life experiences that links to your present moment and aid you in a healing process.  

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Chakra Alignment & Clearing

Vibrational Healing

In-Person or Online

Awaken and align your body through chakras.
Experience powerful elemental healing that will shift your energy in a way that you can

feel lighter more balanced and in  tune with yourself on all levels. 

Other Services
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      Angelic Reiki

    In Person or Online 

    Reiki Angelic Healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each recipient body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. Angelic Healing enables us to connect with a much broader and higher frequencies of energy, and welcomes our spirit guides, and angels to support us in the most gentle but powerful way trough out the healing. It help reduce stress and anxiety, brings about deep relaxation, releases emotional wounds among other alignments. Used together with alchemy sound healing and crystals.

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    Vibrational Healing 

    In Person or Online 

    Light Language healing works through vibrational transfer of informations at the physical and subtle energetic body levels.

    It allows the receiver to activate the potential within them that is unique for they current needs or condition.

    While your mind may not understand the words, your subtle bodies understand the support and healing that travels directly to the DNA and the energy field. It then finds resonance that balances you on a profound and practical level. 

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    Theta Healing 

    In Person or Online 

     Highly intuitive healing technique that is capable of creating instant change and healing on all levels. Theta Healing enable practitioner to access their own meditative state. It is a modality that works with the subconscious mind through meditation. The principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow that helps activate the natural healing processes in each client's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Alternative Healers, We help others to reduce some most common patterns like fear, guilt, resentment, shame, anger, anxiety and more.

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    Interior Alignment

    Feng Shui concepts can be used to design and create spaces with intention so you can flow, bloom and begin to awaken to the world. Like with meditation, feng shui is about cultivating mindfulness of your environment. Combined with energy healing and cleansing to ensure that your property and land is cleanse of any negative energies, portals, entities ,residual energies of previous occupants and to bring beautiful energy of love and positive Chi into the space that will benefit you in the best way possible. 


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Customer Reviews


I recently had an A.U.R.A session with Paulina and I must say it was very impressive. Let me explain, 10 years ago I had an operation on my right knee due to a football injury. Since then it become really fragile and felt painful when challenged with exercises. On the day of the session it was really giving me trouble. During the 4 hours we have revisit some of my past life experiences and I understood the reason why my higher self took me there. At the end of my session I had no longer any pain which I found amazing. Paulina had remove the energetic blockage that was causing the issue for such a long time. Amazing... Few day later still feels great and I have challenged myself to an exercises that I have not done for quite a while. Hopefully it will last for good. 

Thank you so much!!!

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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